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Takumi Bamboo Interchangalve Circular Knitting Needle Set

Regular price $169.95

Takumi premium bamboo interchangeable circular needle set includes 5 cords and 12 tip sizes, creating 60 combinations, all stored in an exclusive case. Set includes needles in sizes 3/3.25mm, 4/3.5mm, 5/3.75mm, 6/4mm, 7/4.5mm, 8/5mm, 9/5.5mm, 10/6mm, 10.5/6.5mm, 11/8mm, 13/9mm and 15/10mm with 5 cords in 16", 24", 29", 36" and 48" lengths. The customized case makes selecting and storing your needles and cords easy and simple. The perfectly shaped tapered tip and silky finish of the needle surface make knitting smooth and simple. Precision finish of the joint connection between needle and cord ensure a smooth slide for each stitch. Combine the assorted needles and cords to create all the sizes you need!