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Moshi Integra Charge Cable

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Fast charge your USB-C devices with Moshi's Integra Series USB-C Charge Cable with Smart LED. A built-in e-marker chip allows this cable to fully support all USB PD 3.0 profiles, supporting high output up to 100W. This allows you to charge your MacBook at full speed or fast-charge any USB-C device like a phone tablet, camera, and more. As part of Moshi's Integra Series, this cable is constructed with 50% more high-performance IntegraCore than other braided cables. Its ballistic nylon braiding is abrasion-resistant to withstand long-term wear and tear, while the cable's anodized aluminum housings minimize electromagnetic interference. Durable and intelligent, the cable also features a microcontroller that powers a smart LED to conveniently indicate charging status.