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Gamblin Artist Grade White. Grey. Black. Oil Colors

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Robert Gamblin organized Gamblin's palette into Mineral and Modern color groupings to help artists easily choose a palette of colors that best match their artistic intent. Gamblin's colors are also grouped by eras of pigment history: Classical, Impressionist, and 20th Century. Throughout the history of art, paintings have always been a reflection of the materials that were available to artists.

The most important color choice we make is the white we bring to our work. There are nine different Gamblin Whites to give artists a range of working properties. temperatures, drying rates, and opacity.

Gamblin Portland Greys (Light, Medium, and Deep) can mute the high key tints of the modern colors to make more natural-looking mixtures. Named for the city where they are made and its characteristic grey skies, the Portland Greys are formulated for painters with work with value. This range of Portland Greys is expanded with Portland Warm Grey and Portland Cool Grey. A triad of muted primary colors is created when Titanium Buff is added to these. This gives painters the ability to complete a range of "colored greys."

Gamblin Chromatic Black gives painters a neutral, tinting black with energy that doesn't muddy and flatten the colors the way traditional blacks do. Because Chromatic Black is made from two colors that are perfect complements, Quinacridone Red and Phthal Emerald, it gives a dead-center black with life to it and clean transparency.