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Gamblin Artist Grade Modern Organic Oil Color

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Robert Gamblin organized Gamblin's palette into Mineral and Modern color groupings to help artists easily choose a palette of colors that best match their artistic intent. Gamblin's colors are also grouped by eras of pigment history: Classical, Impressionist, and 20th Century. Throughout the history of art, paintings have always been a reflection of the materials that were available to artists.

Modern organic pigments are carbon-based. Most modern colors, including Quinacridone, Phtal, Perylene, are transparent. Hansa and Naphthol are semi-transparent. Because of their small particle size and higher oil absorption (fatter), modern pigments make colors of very high tinting strengths that are naturally more glossy.

When mixed with white, modern colors make incredibly intense tints. They stay high key in mixtures unless a complement is added. Rather than shifting from light to dark, a family of modern colors shifts from warm to cool. Modern colors have a Lightfastness rating of Excellent (I), with the exception fo Hansa Yellow Light and Naphthol pigments, which are rated as very Good (II). Each tube of artist's grade oil color is marked with a Lightfastness rating.

Mineral and Modern colors are completely compatible with each other.