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DMC Hand Needles

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DMC Needles are nickel-plated stainless steel. They are resistant to humidity, body oils, and rust.

The blunt rounded end of a tapestry needle slips easily through the holes of canvas or into the weave of fabric without snagging or piercing. The long oval eye carries more than the usual number of strands of thread. The size number of the tapestry needle corresponds to the size of the eye and the thickness of the needle. The higher the number, the smaller the eye and the thinner the needle. You will use Tapestry Needles in needlepoint, bargello, and cross stitch projects. The smaller Tapestry Needle size works well with Hardanger and Evenweave fabrics as they slip easily between the weave, helping to count the threads.

Also known as Sharps, these needles have sharp tips that pierce the fabric as you stitch, and larger eyes for accommodating floss and embroidery thread. Embroidery Needles have two great advantages - a long eye for easy threading with multiple strands and a very sharp point that will pierce close-woven fabrics. You will find these needles rivaled only by Tapestry Needles for their variety of uses. Embroidery needles can be used for surface embroidery, smocking, cutwork, and crazy quilt embroidery.

Chenille needles are sharp-pointed and long-eyed like Embroidery Needles but run only in the upper size range like Tapestry Needles. They are slightly shorter than Embroidery Needles and the longer These needles are similar to an embroidery needle but are available in the higher size ranges. The needles are also slightly shorter in length with wider, longer eyes. A chenille needled is ideal for working with wool threads, such as for crewel embroidery, or for projects using chunkier threads.

These needles are longer and more slender than all other types of needles and have a small eye. Running and darning stitch projects commonly use this type of needle, as the longer needle length is helpful for this type of embroidery. This is especially true with Swedish Weaving or decorative darning, when you may have several running stitches on the needles at any given time. Darners are ideally suited to running stitch and darning stitch embroideries. You can use Yarn Darners for heavy finishing jobs such as sewing buttons through cushions.

Also known as Betweens, these are narrow, sharp needles with a small eye that are slightly stubbier (shorter) than other types of sharp needles. The needles are small enough to give a sense of control when taking multiple stitches while quilting and are ideal for hand quilting and hand appliqué. The small eye prevents any extra bump at the head of the needle.

DMC beading needles are very skinny needles with tiny eyes so that the needle can pass through the small opening in beads. Use these needles when adding beads to your needlework and sewing projects.

These needles are perfect for children's craft projects. Plastic canvas with Tapestry Wool, perforated felt and foam kids sewing projects etc.